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Make a new start

Freedomsway is free, easy to use and takes just 15 minutes to help you experience positive change in your life, family, community, workplace and relationships.

Tools - For you

Freedomsway offers 3 Meta-Analysis tools. Each tool asks you unique questions about your life then helps you to both discover and learn about your current wellbeing and how to improve it.

Free for individuals

The Meta-Analysis tools are free for individuals and always will be. Freedomsway believes wellbeing should be accessible to everyone, everywhere.


Each Meta-Analysis tool is designed to be easy and quick to use. It can be completed in less than 15 minutes and can instantly start you on your path to improve your wellbeing.

Instant results & feedback

The Meta-Analysis tools give you instant results on your wellbeing plus customised tips on how to improve it. Your results and feedback are available, any time, on both your computer and mobile device.

Help the world

Every time a Meta-Analysis tool is used, anonymous insights are generated. This helps Freedomsway to deepen its understanding about the nature of wellbeing and improve the tools. We also use the insights to measure the world's wellbeing, shown in the Live World Map.

Science & Imagination

Behind Freedomsway is pioneering science and imagination. Both are essential to achieve progress and advance us all as individuals, communities and organizations.
World Wellbeing
This % number measures the wellbeing of people around the world using the Freedomsway tools. It's updated in real-time. The higher the % number, the better the wellbeing. This means the tools not only improve your wellbeing, you improve the wellbeing of the world at the same time. Sign up free to see the interactive Live World Map.
Helping you at work
Help improve engagement, alignment and, ultimately, create wellbeing, for a workplace team or organization of any size, with the Vantagepoint program.
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